Webkinz Lifelike Mountain Lion Stuffed Animal

The Webkinz Lifelike Mountain Lion Stuffed Animal is seated with his hind legs sticking out just like a real cat and his facial features really complete the realistic feel of this mountain dweller. All Webkinz animals come with a code to use at their website for interactive activities including tracking the care and growth of a digital version of your new pal.

This adorable mountain measures about 8 inches in length.

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Aurora Babies Lion Cub

The very lifelike Aurora Babies Lion Cub is sure to bring a smile to any lion lover. If you have a friend, nephew, daughter or if you yourself like everything about big cats then this one, named Rory, will be especially pleasing because of how realistic it is. The little cub strikes a sitting pose with its front paws together between its splayed hind legs.

Rory is about 12 inches high. The detail and quality is very good.

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